Physical Activity linked to Academic Success

Although the brain is not a muscle, it does require regular physical activity to be at its best. There are a variety of explanations why exercise makes an impact on both memory and processed cognitive data.

It is recommended that the average person plan at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. This amount equals to 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. You see, one does not have to be an athlete to get his heart pumping and therefore, obtain all the cognitive benefits. It is an attainable goal for anyone in academia to partake in regular physical activity for improved brain functions.

Enhance brain function stems from a couple of different influences on the brain components. The hippocampus is the brain section mainly responsible for memory retention and learning new information. Studies show that physical activity, particularly aerobic exercises, increases the hippocampus size. As a result, more information can be retained and thus, allow the abilities required in school to be more effective.

Exercise also brings the blood pumping from the heart to carry more oxygen to the brain. This oxygenation enable brain cells to heal more efficiently and develop stronger connexions between them. Since brain cells primary function is to handle information appropriately, the additional oxygen delivered assist students in achieving success.

It is important to note that it seems to be a correlation between the exercise type practiced and their exact impact on the brain. Whereas running is typically a mindless exercise, playing a sport like soccer or basketball requires strategy and thought in addition to the physical effort provided. Exercising the body and the brain simultaneously increases the positive aftereffects in academics.

Doubtless, studying is one of the main aspects involved in academic success. Never forget that it is also imperative that the brain gets the oxygen needed by the hippocampus via physical activity. To procure a good quality oxygenation to your brain will likely allow your academic performance to reach new peaks that were remaining unknown before.


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