7 Fun Ideas to Enrich Vocabulary

Learning vocabulary does not always have to be tedious or boring. In truth, there are several ways that learning new words can be fun. Also, by studying in an entertaining way, information is more likely to stick in your head. It is always a good time to experience a good balance between work and pleasure.

If you are encountering difficulties to learn vocabulary words, try some of the following ideas and see what works best for you! Each person has a different learning profile. The key is to find what is more efficient and pleasant for each individual.

  • Play Pictionary with vocabulary words. This word game has one person draw out a given word while the others try to guess what it is. This game helps students to better remember definitions thanks to art and language use. Interestingly, Pictionary also encourages everyone to think out of the box!
  • Write a creative short story utilizing new vocabulary words. With diversified vocabulary words, attempt to write a tale or an other text form of your choice. Usually the craziest is the story, the easier it is for the words to be remembered.
  • Use a newspaper or a magazine to do a word search. Read an interesting publication and be on the lookout for the newly discovered vocabulary words. Highlight the words as they are found and examine the context clues to understand the definition you will ultimately find in a dictionary.
  • Write humorous songs. Music and rhymes are great memorization tools. By writing your own creative songs with catchy lyrics, vocabulary words will be much easier to retain.
  • Organize synonyms social game. Have others read several synonyms out loud. Use those words to guess which vocabulary word they are referencing to.
  • Combine physical activities with vocabulary. Getting exercise improves brain function plus, it is surely fun! You can play a game in which the word definition is provided and you then earn a letter for the word with each missed ball shot. You could even go the opposite and earn a letter for each succeeded ball shot.
  • Jeopardy. This is a classic game that can be altered for vocabulary words learning purpose. Categorize definitions and attempt to win points by providing the proper word that matches the said definition.


These 7 ideas are a base to inspire your own ideas about how to have fun learning new vocabulary words. Simply play around with the provided options and you will quickly find new personalised games to experience. Learning is always better when it is tailor-made and entertaining!

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