Éléonore’s account of her experience as a student at School Success

Marilou, tutor at School Success, had a great idea for her student Éléonore. In order to learn more about students’ experiences at School Success, we asked Marilou to help Éléonore write a short text about her tutoring experience and what it means to her. The whole team was touched by her account! She has shown us that tutoring can make all the difference and that her tutor, thanks to all the confidence she had in her student, has allowed her to improve at school and continues to do so. Congratulations to Éléonore for this great text, and to Marilou for her help!


My name is Éléonore L., I am 12 years old and I have had the pleasure of being a student at School Success for the last two years. Before starting the tutoring sessions, I had a lot of trouble at school, especially in French and math. Also, I was too shy to ask questions in class, therefore I would understand less and less. I had lost confidence in myself because I could see my classmates getting good grades whereas I was failing.

My parents sign me up for School Success in order to help me improve. Before my first meeting, I was worried because I didn’t know if tutoring would help me. However, the meeting went really well! Marilou, my tutor, was great, but what made the difference was that I felt that she had confidence in me because she would keep encouraging me. With her, I am no longer afraid to ask questions, I feel free to ask for what I need without the fear of being judged. She is able to understand me, and now she knows when I do not understand, without me even having to tell her. She can explain a problem to me in many different ways until I understand it.

If I had to describe my tutor to you, I would tell you that she is funny, friendly, always smiling and most importantly… she has given me back my confidence and continues to have confidence in me! She helps me with my homework when I don’t understand it, she gives me extra assignments in order for me to improve, but most importantly, we have fun together!

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