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More than 1000 tutors at your service

More than 1000 tutors at your service
We help thousands of families in Quebec


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Our certified tutors are highly qualified to ensure exceptional, personalized service.


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If you are not completely satisfied with the first meeting, we will reimburse you the first hour.



We verify our tutors' identity and criminal record in order to ensure an impeccable service


Competitive prices

Our prices vary between $38 and $48 per hour. No minimum number of hours is required. The services are tax deductible.


Experienced advisors

Experienced advisors will find your child the best tutor and will accompany their academic career.


Thousands of students have received help

School Success has helped more than 30 000 students since 2006. 92% of them improve their grades.

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Testimonials from School Success clients

  • Je suis très satisfaite des services rendus par Succès Scolaire. Le tuteur qui a été assigné à ma fille lui a fait augmenter sa moyenne générale de 15% en 2 mois.

    Lisa Hughes School Success client
  • Christian a été un tuteur formidable, toujours disponible, patient, et capable d'évaluer les progrès et difficultés de Justine. Merci encore!

    Maryse H. School Success client
  • Rania était très disponible pour ma fille et elle l'a aidée dans plusieurs matières. Elle était excellente.

    Suzanne P. School Success client

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