Lumino Health and School Success: a new collaboration!

Since 2006, School Success has contributed to the well-being of more than 30,000 Canadian families. Today we are very pleased that our tutoring services are featured on Lumino Health network. This free platform, an innovation from Sun Life, is Canada’s largest network of health resources.

There is no doubt that achieving a healthy lifestyle involves balancing our physical and psychological health. When our body and mind are working at their highest potential, we can easily achieve our goals.

We all aspire for better health, not just for ourselves but for our families. The challenge is where to find the support to get there. Lumino Health helps Canadians find the resources and health-care providers they need to live a healthy life.

What is Lumino Health’s network?

The goal of the Lumino Health network is to equip people with the tools necessary for a healthy lifestyle. The network offers innovative health services and products. In addition, the site offers many health articles that are informed by experts.

If you are looking for a professional who could help improve your family’s health, try the Find a provider tool. The search tool will allow you to find psychologists, massage therapists, optometrists and many more services near you.

Why choose Lumino Health?

Lumino Health offers you a network of health professionals. Among other things, you will find cost information and more than 10 million ratings.

Other benefits you will find on the free Lumino Health network include:

  • Articles presenting the latest health information;
  • Appointment bookings directly on the site;
  • Access to discounts offered by featured companies.

School Success and Lumino Health

School Success’ mission is to enable students to better realize their potential for success. To achieve this, our tutors work in teams with their students, their parents and their teachers. One of their primary objectives is to develop tools that will help optimize the study process.

Our team quickly recognized the effect school difficulties can have on the whole family. Poor academic performance is often accompanied by disappointment and low self-esteem, which can often turn into anxiety and negative self-worth. Parents can also feel guilty about their children’s school experience, which can produce daily stress.

The Lumino Health network features School Success to help families access personalized tutoring. At School Success, our goal is to actively contribute to bringing peace of mind to Canadian homes.

We invite you to discover the many resources offered by Lumino Health as well as School Success.

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