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Our team is friendly, approachable, united, creative, and open. We cherish extended happy hours, bouts of uncontrollable laughter, and intimate moments. We're accustomed to offering support during tough times, encouraging one another, being empathetic and humane, devising solutions, and changing the world after just two coffees.

Is there a place for you with us?

These values guide our actions every day:

  • We boldly self-reflect and take initiatives to enhance our practices.
  • With kindness, we exhibit the empathy needed to understand others, ensuring healthy interactions and building trust.
  • Integrity is central to our actions, compelling us to be responsible, honest, and loyal every day.
  • Our commitment drives us to make a difference and motivates us to actively achieve our individual goals, those of our colleagues, and, more broadly, the objectives of Academic Success.
  • With excellence, we tackle challenges, strive for our best, and continuously seek ways to exceed expectations to enrich the experiences of those who rely on us.
Our amazing team in front of our office


Nothing that fits your profile ? If you think you'd be an asset for our team, go ahead and send us your resume anyway! We love spontaneity!
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