10 activities to develop concentration, patience and perseverance

Concentration, patience and perseverance: essential skills to develop from an early age. They are necessary to solve problems, achieve objectives and overcome obstacles. While these qualities might appear innate in some, it is rarely the case.

Games are an excellent tool to acquire and develop these skills and help students achieve their full potential. Here are 10 activities that can be done alone or with the family that will allow children and adults to develop skills that are sometimes lying dormant.


Once the rules of the game are understood, the fun begins. Chess requires a lot of concentration and perseverance. Of course, it can be hard to accept that it can take a long time before becoming skilled at this game. Failing within a game can allow one to develop strategy, a characteristic of a logical mind, while also strengthening one’s ability for anticipation.


Focusing on your letters, choosing the highest scoring word, waiting for THE missing letter: that’s what the Scrabble game teaches us. Another inherent benefit is that it enriches vocabulary and improves spelling.


Legos are a gold mine for developing one’s dexterity, imagination and creativity. On top of that, they know how to test the patience and self-control of the most experienced when the project accidentally collapses or perhaps when losing the instructions!!


This set includes shapes of all sizes, used to build up to 60 vertical structures. The first are simple, but the more you progress in the game, the more complex the structures become. Equilibrio is a game for the whole family that will lean on your dexterity, ingenuity and perseverance.


A playful way to exercise your concentration, progress in the language by diversifying your vocabulary and working on your memory!


Practicing Sudoku regularly is known to increase concentration and memory capabilities.


Nevermind those one dimensional puzzles. Instead, have fun with a 2D or 3D model that will help develop spacial awareness. Of course, patience will be put to the test when putting together thousands of pieces!


The virtues of this game are not only in the development of memory and problem solving. It is a game that asks you to strive and improve your resolution time, a testament to one’s perseverance.


These puzzle games where we have to find Waldo, Thor’s hammer or a Minion eating a banana are excellent for concentration. There is a wide variety in bookstores that will appeal to all age groups and various interests (police investigations, for example).


Buy seeds, prepare the seedlings, plant the seedlings in the ground, water regularly and finally, reap the fruit of our labour. Gardening will definitely test your patience. As a bonus: fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables added to a whole lot of pride!

We sincerely hope these fun and amusing activities will bring a ton of joy and happiness to your home!

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