At-home tutoring

Please note that at-home tutoring is no longer available for the 2021-2022 school year. We now offer 100% online services until June, which ensures that we will find the best tutor to meet your child's needs, regardless of your location.

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  • No travel required

    Thanks to the at-home service, the tutor meets your child in your own home. Facilitate family-management with at-home tutoring!

  • Individual support

    Through individual support, the tutor ensures that they are taking a unique approach tailored to your child in order to address concepts seen in class, consolidate what they've learned, prevent them from falling behind, help them prepare for exams, suggest efficient work methods and learning strategies, and provide further advancement, if needed.

  • Efficient follow-up

    The tutor writes-up a brief account of each session, as well as a more detailed report after every 10 hours of tutoring. This allows you to follow the evolution of your child's work. The tutor also collaborates with teachers in order to ensure a more complete support system.

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