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In order to take on this complex challenge, we are looking for tutors with the following criteria : Be responsible and reliable; Be motivated and dynamic; Good interpersonal skills; Be available until the end of the school year and a minimum of 4 hours per week; Have accumulated a minimum of 12 university credits. (Foreign diplomas are considered)

Across Canada! School Success helps young people from all regions, online!

School Success offers its services at the primary, secondary and college levels. Although needs are more frequent at the secondary level, you are free to offer your services in the levels and subjects that interest you.

The pay scale starts at $20 to $22 an hour.

School Success offers all its services online.

-We offer flexible working hours to suit your needs, 100% remote; -Turnkey service. Our team researches and negotiates mandates on your behalf; -Guaranteed and progressive remuneration; -We support you in your role by providing you with a guide and practical tools; -And much more!