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In order to take on this complex challenge, we are looking for tutors with the following criteria*: Responsible and reliable; Motivated and dynamic; Good interpersonal skills; A university student in education, science or languages, or a teacher with a teaching certificate.

Everywhere in Quebec! School Success helps students in all regions. Therefore, if your profile matches our criteria, we will have mandates to suggest to you.

School Success offers services at the elementary school, high school and college level. You are free to offer services at the level and for the subject that interest you.

Compensation varies according to the mandate and your experience level. Compensation starts between $20 and $22 per hour.

School Success offers services online.

-We offer tutors a flexible schedule that adapts to individual needs; -We take your preferences and interests into consideration concerning the clientele you wish to work with; -We support you in your role as a tutor by providing you with a guide and useful tools; -We offer the possibility to gain relevant work experience in a field where you will be exposed to stimulating, rewarding and enriching experiences.