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  • Personalized pairing

    Through individual support, the tutor ensures that they are taking a unique approach tailored to your child in order to address concepts seen in class, consolidate what they've learned, prevent them from falling behind or help them catch up, suggest efficient work methods and learning strategies, and, if needed, provide further advancement.

  • Self-esteem, confidence and motivation

    Through the relationship of trust established between a tutor and their student, a favourable learning environment is created. The tutor, who also acts as a motivator, is often the source of inspiration for students. Many regain confidence in themselves as they see their grades increase. As a result, they participate more in class and become more interested in school.

  • Continuous follow-up

    The tutor writes-up a brief account of each session, as well as a more detailed report after every 10 hours of tutoring. This allows you to follow the evolution of your child's work. The tutor also collaborates with teachers in order to ensure a more complete support system.

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Services customized
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Remedial classes

To help a student who has fallen behind in one or many subjects.

Exam preparation

Thoroughly reviewing a subject in order to be ready to the exam

Summer classes

To pass one or many supplemental exams and start the year off more confident

Entrance exam preparation

To prepare you child as much as possible for their high school entrance exam in order to get the best result.


To give your child an extra hand in order to improve their grades or simply to satisfy a desire to learn.

Homework help

To offer the support needed for your child to complete their homework and lessons.

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