Terms of Use

Last update: February 12, 2024


By using the platforms and services of Success Scolaire, you acknowledge that you have read the "Terms of Use" and consent to their observance and application. Success Scolaire reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use of its platforms and services without further notice. Users of Success Scolaire platforms and services agree to abide by the most recent Terms of Use.

Services provided by Success Scolaire

Success Scolaire is a registered charity with a mission to engage Quebec students and their parents in educational success by offering free, professional, and stimulating tutoring services. The online platforms of Success Scolaire are one of the components of its services, where students, young or adult, or their parents, can find information, practice, or interact with teachers to overcome occasional academic difficulties. Teachers and Success Scolaire services address questions related to the concepts covered in the Quebec elementary and secondary school curriculum.

User Rights

The user may navigate the Success Scolaire platforms and use the services in compliance with the Terms of Use. Any breach of the Terms of Use may be sanctioned at the sole discretion of Success Scolaire. Success Scolaire reserves the right to ban the user from its platforms. Furthermore, any action taken by the user on the platforms and services of Success Scolaire that violates the laws of the province of Quebec may result in civil or criminal recourse.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise stated, Success Scolaire is the sole owner of the intellectual property and copyright of the products grouped under the name "Success Scolaire," the domain name "Success Scolaire," and all its subdomains. The term "Products" includes, but is not limited to, digital platforms and their components, texts, images, videos, sounds and music, photographs, graphic illustrations, slogans, applications and software including their source code, promotional material, and all its components. The user is authorized to use the Products for personal use. No one may, without the written consent of Success Scolaire, reproduce, integrate into a third-party digital platform, download, copy, print, distribute, sell, rent, license, or modify, in whole or in part, any Product.

Access to Platforms and Services

Success Scolaire undertakes to provide reliable and secure platforms and services. These platforms and services are accessible to the user during the prescribed opening hours. Success Scolaire reserves the right, without further notice, to interrupt access to any of the services or platforms, or to remove any of their features or content. Success Scolaire cannot be held responsible for any perceived damage incurred as a result of such interruption or removal.

It is expressly prohibited to access or allow access to any Success Scolaire platform or service for illegitimate purposes. Illegitimate purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Any fraudulent access using someone else's Success Scolaire identifier and password without their explicit permission;
  • Any attempt, by any means, including any technological or computer means, to obtain a user's password without their knowledge.
  • Any attempt to access an account that is not one's own constitutes fraudulent use subject to severe sanctions, including banning from Success Scolaire platforms and services.
  • For any questions or issues regarding access to Success Scolaire platforms and services, please write to the following email address: info@successcolaire.ca.

    Use of Platforms and Services

    The user must comply with the Terms of Use of Success Scolaire platforms and services at all times. Additionally, the user must adhere to the Terms of Use specific to each platform and service they use.

    Prohibited Behaviors

    By using Success Scolaire platforms and services, you agree not to act in the following manner, nor give anyone the opportunity to do so:

  • Access, attempt to access, or exploit Success Scolaire platforms and services by means, technological or otherwise, other than those normally intended for these purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, any attempt to hack computer systems, send spam, transmit viruses, malware, computer worms, or any similar system;
  • Engage in behavior that contravenes the Terms of Use of Success Scolaire platforms and services;
  • Engage in illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, tasteless, obscene, privacy-infringing, hateful, violent, controversial, or otherwise unacceptable or inappropriate behavior;
  • Encourage in any way behavior that may violate a law or regulation, or give rise to civil or criminal liability under the law or that may offend public sensibilities;
  • Attempt to commercially exploit any Success Scolaire platform, service, mechanism, or functionality;
  • Attempt to obtain or obtain personal information from other users, including but not limited to their name, physical or virtual contact information, or Success Scolaire password;
  • Attempt to interfere with or disrupt, by technological or other means, the proper functioning of Success Scolaire platforms and services;
  • Intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable national or international law or regulation, as well as any other rule having the force of law.
  • Any prohibited behavior may result in sanctions against the perpetrator, including banning from Success Scolaire platforms and services, or appropriate civil or criminal proceedings.