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Tutoring program

Implement an efficient tutoring program at your school in order to offer the individual support that your students who are having trouble require. You will receive detailed reports about the students involved.

Remedial clinics

We are at your disposal if you feel the need to put together targeted supplementary measures to help your students who are experiencing difficulty in a specific subject.

Summer courses

School success offers your school summer courses with turn-key management solutions for your students who are failing courses. Since 2010, we have been managing summer courses for more than 8 schools.

Homework-help program

We can organize a homework-help program for students of all levels. This service allows your students to do their homework in the presence of someone who is qualified to help them.

Substitute teaching

If you are looking for a substitute, no matter the duration of the contract, be assured that we have the personnel your need for the job.

  • Efficient follow-up for schools

    Access the details of the work being done during the meetings between the students at your school and their tutor.

  • Constant communication.

    Communicate quickly with one of your student's tutors through our messaging system.

  • Simplified scheduling system

    Manage tutoring sessions easily with your tutor.

  • Detailed progress reports

    After every 10 hours of tutoring, you will receive a report detailing your students' progress.

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