Become a tutor!

Want to save the world one essay at a time? Have you explained algebra to all your neighborhood kids? Then you are most probably the person we are looking for!

School Success is a young and dynamic network of over 800 tutors. Our mission is to help students understand various subjects, as well as increase their self-esteem and their motivation towards their studies.

Why become a tutor?

Have you ever felt the Aha! moment while trying to understand something? Imagine helping elementary and high school students feel the same way! Moreover, teaching is a skill you will most likely need in the corporate world. Because no one learns the same way, a tutor must be able to adapt to each student. We have students in every part of the Greater Montreal, whether it’s in Westmount, Terrebonne, West-Island,  or Greenfield Park.

Wait? You’re telling me I get to make a difference in a kid’s life and enjoy a flexible work schedule?

School Success tutors are independent workers, offering you flexibility and control over your schedule. This means you can coordinate your tutoring schedule with your other jobs and/or your university schedule. You will be able to work according to your availabilitiy!

What does School Success do for you?

We take care of all the administrative tasks, the sales, the negotiations and the billing. Basically everything up until your first meeting with your student. We’ll make sure your schedule and your travel time to each appointment make sense. In exchange, we ask you to keep a steady follow up with your students as well as their parents.

Interested in becoming part of the School Success network? Apply by opening an account!

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